Enomoto Katsuhiko 榎本勝彦

「Cosmos 」 2021  Zelkova  acrylic  50x50x80cm

Enomoto Katsuhiko

ENOMOTO Katsuhiko was born in Okayama prefecture in 1952.
Mr. Enomoto’s works appear to combine the nuance of modernism with the aesthetics of Japan lacquerware, which has the oldest history in the world. The sculptures and vessels created while crossing the border between art and craft have a unique appeal, balancing the texture of lacquer with modern forms.
In this exhibition his work is exhibited at Nemurizuka or the lying poem monument at the back of the garden. This spot itself is considered to be a work of art, created by two of Japan’s leading artists. It was designed by MAEKAWA Kunio and constructed by NAGARE Masayuki as a monument to the poet TANIGUCHI Kokyo.
Against the backdrop of this wonderful stage, his works seem to glow with a gentle and eloquent message.

「 cone 」 2020  camphor tree  Copper powder lacquer  4.5x4.5x12cm
「 Half of the moon 」2021 camphor tree silver foil lacquer 9x9x16cm
「 Water, Existence, Heaven」2020 camphor tree Aogai foil  graphite lacquer  10.5x10.5x26cm