Koishihara Tsuyoshi 小石原 剛

「 i / I ・ 01→21」 □ Acrylic resin PVC resin foamed styrol Iron Brass

Koishihara Tsuyoshi

1963: KOISHIHARA, Tsuyoshi was born in Yamaguchi.
After graduating from the graduate school of the Faculty of Education of Okayama University, he has been working as a contemporary artist.

Koishihara’s works are categorized as conceptual art, which is a bit difficult to understand. Production ideas or philosophy behind works is considered important, and the process of creating it is not very meaningful.

He was inspired by Tsuda Nagatada, who was in charge of the construction of Sogenji Temple in 1698. The idea of this artwork is to present a perspective of water management, which is common to the objective of Tsuda’s previous construction projects of Korakuen Garden, Hyakkengawa River, and new rice field Development.
This work attempts to visualize that ponds and waterways placed in various places, including the pond in the Sogenji Temple, are symbols of the construction of Tsuda Nagatada.

All the stimulation from the artwork is happening in your mind. Please enjoy the “Think and walk ” as you stroll through the garden.