Mori Kazuhiko 森 和彦

Vessel stand with jar and Dong son drum

Mori Kazuhiko
1969: MORI, Kazuhiko was born in Ibe, Bizen City.
1992: Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Sculpture. He has, since then, been working as a Bizen pottery artist of the Mori genealogy family, one of 6 major Bizen Pottery families.

Frog voice
Born from the soil, the sun.
A frog heralds spring.
What is that?
A musical spell and instrument of people of the south.
Big, great.
Fun, joyful.
From “The Thought of the Curse: Between God and Man” by SHIRAISHI, Shizuka and UMEHARA, Takeshi.

I used the ancient Chinese “Shiadoko” (a copper drum with four frogs) as a mother design and combine it with ancient Kibi patterns. It assumes an image of a ritual that celebrates spring.

A copper drum [Dong son drum] sometimes serves as a vessel to store cowry, a prize given to shrine maidens. It resonates the sound of spring.