Shibata Yuri しばたゆり

Shibata Yuri

Shibata Yuri

1960: SHIBATA, Yuri was born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
After graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Kyoto City University of Arts, she has been active in the world of contemporary art.
The material of Ms. Shibata’s works is extremely unique and important. It is difficult to understand without an explanation, but in many of her works, the object is expressed by using it as the material for it. In other words, the paint used for cherry blossoms on the folding screen is made from dried cherry petals.

Each work of art has a mysterious atmosphere that surprises in such a way to betray the very concept of art itself.

Material Work ” a bowl – Hatsuyume and the sun ” 5, 2021

MaterialColors “Cherry blossoms” 2021-1
Furosaki Byobu (Furosaki Screen) , Cherry blossoms , medium